Research and Development

Alidade Hydrographic is actively engaged in building knowledge within the Hydrographic community. We take pride in our ability to solve complex problems and aim to improve the way surveyors collect, process, interpret and manage survey data. If you have a specific need, Alidade Hydrographic can develop cost-effective, integrated software and hardware solutions, including engineering custom software to meet your requirements.

MBES and SBES Survey

Alidade Hydrographic conducts surveys with a variety of Multibeam and Singlebeam sonars, positioning systems and platforms. We have extensive experience with Reson, Odom, Atlas, Edgetech and Klein sonars with Applanix POSMV, Octans, IXSea PHINS, Real-time Kinematic or Precise Point Positioning systems. We can tailor our equipment to your needs and conduct work to any IHO Survey Order.

Installation and Training

Alidade Hydrographic is able to provide specification advice, planning, acquisition, installation and configuration of complete survey systems. We conduct vessel configuration surveys, calibration and analysis for new or existing systems. Alidade Hydrographic can also build and deliver an operator training package for your new or existing system.